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5G is Poised to Level the Playing Field and Invigorate Innovators Worldwide

May 2, 2019 11:34:15 AM EDT


In this second part of our exploration of the potential impact of new 5G technology, we will be exploring how this revolutionary advancement will empower innovators in often ignored global markets deliver value to users worldwide.

5G's impact will undoubtedly be felt everywhere. As we previously discussed, the true power of this update to current mobile technology is how deftly and diversely it can be utilized by organizations in all industries. The ripples of 5G are likely to touch nearly every element of the world, everyone from video game developers to automotive manufacturers.

In the right hands, this technology is also poised to uplift innovators who were previously overlooked, dominated by industry stalwarts who overshadowed them in brand recognition, if not in product quality.

As noted in an article published by the World Economic Forum, 5G is positioned to change the way that mobile communication works and is perceived. On top of that, as per author Don Rosenberg:

Developing nations have rivaled or surpassed their industrialized counterparts in benefiting from the deployment of mobile technology, and there’s every reason to think 5G will have an even bigger leveling effect than its predecessors.

As Mr. Rosenberg suggests, 5G is poised to bring together a wider variety of content and ideas from a far larger pool of voices than ever before.

Where Are We Now

Before we dive into the Mr. Rosenberg's ideas, it's important to understand the current plans for 5G deployment.

Verizon, more so than most telecommunications giants, has been incredibly vocal about their plans for 5G, and the innovations that they see on the horizon, going so far as to declare themselves "The First to 5G."

Still, they are not the only organization touting their 5G agenda, with AT&T already discussing it's partial roll-out in major cities, and T-Mobile boasting that:

Only the New T-Mobile will be able to develop and deploy the first truly transformational 5G network and services that will supercharge innovation throughout the U.S. economy, connect people throughout the country and help bridge the Digital Divide.

While Verizon seems to be concretely ahead of the competition, the prospect of wide 5G deployment across most major cellular networks by the end of 2019 seems almost preordained. Furthermore, the hype for 5G should only be further amplified, and its values further discussed at major events such as the MWC in Shanghai in June.

As we discussed in our last piece, the potential for 5G runs deep, and much of the hype is currently being focused on VR, AR, and Internet of Things (IoT) applications. Still, we want to get back to what could be the most under-discussed and overly influential elements of these innovations.

Innovation Can Come From Anywhere

At the core of ForesightOne, from its very inception, is the fundamental belief that great ideas and revolutionary solutions can come from anywhere and anyone.

ForesightOne's ultimate goal from the beginning was to not only level the playing field, but to provide a robust platform and a wealth of resources for those innovators whose tech and vision were being set to the side by industries that never knew what they were missing.

If Mr. Rosenberg's predictions come true, that goal will be even more within reach.

5G is the Latest Technology in a Legacy of Inclusion

Mobile technology has done more and more to bring us all together, and to transmit (literally and metaphorically) voices around the globe. It has made it easier for us all to connect, and 5G is just the latest stepping stone in this transformation.

With 5G, it will be easier than ever for global innovators to communicate their ideas, process and share their technology with others in distant sectors of the world.

According to Rosenberg, this potential for increased connectivity and diversity of thought lies at the heart of the creation of 5G:

Think about this process for a moment: engineers from rival inventing companies, rival product makers, rival wireless network operators, all from different countries and continents, discussing, testing, striving to perfect tens of thousands of different technical solutions that ultimately make up a standard like 5G...It’s the fusion of commercial self-interest with the recognition that some problems are best solved by working together. And it’s not a bad model of human behaviour...

Interconnectivity will always be one of the core drivers of innovation, and the more diverse the voices that flood the forum, the more likely it is for something truly unique and powerful to come about.

The most interesting victories that come out of 5G will not be those of the already established juggernauts, but the companies whose ideas about virtual reality, or educational technology, or Internet of Things previously went unacknowledged.

The biggest test of the 5G impact will be how it allows those who previously faced prohibitive financial hurdles when it came to transmitting data or promoting their brands to make their voices heard.

What Will 5G Mean for You?

Our backgrounds and experiences are always shaping our ideas and how we interact with the world around us--be it interpersonally, economically, politically, or commercially.

It's from this simple process that all great innovation stems, and it's also from this simple process that we'll see how something as malleable and momentous as 5G technology leaves its mark.

What makes us most excited is not the promise of self-driving cars or the ultimate VR experience. What makes us most excited is the wide range of answers to this simple question that will be heard over the next few years, many from voices who haven't yet gotten to have their say:

What will you do with 5G?

Michael Darer
Written by Michael Darer

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