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Considerations when choosing an outsourced development team to build your technology platform!

By Curt Bloom on April 28, 2021 5:39:24 PM EDT

After bringing SCAD Software to market ( SCAD is a Low Code-Outsourcing Vendor), ForesightOne realized that many companies were confused on whether to choose an outsourcing vendor and how to select one that would help them manage on an ongoing basis their platform, be it for internal or external use. We recently created a webinar to address this very topic, based upon SCAD execs knowledgebase.   Click here to listen to the 15- minute zoom recording:

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ForesightOne Brings to Market SCAD Software, An Enhanced Low-Code Application Build Service

By Curt Bloom on February 1, 2021 9:26:20 AM EST

(BOSTON, MA— (February 1,2021)  ForesightOne is pleased to announce that we are adding SCAD Software, a new Low-Code custom application build service to the suite of innovative technology products that we offer and sell to our clients.  Low-Code applications mean that there is a lot less source code, but you end up being tied into the low code platform.  In a lot of cases source code is still generated in the background but developers use a Graphical User Interface to configure the system.  This is then sold as a product for internal developers.  SCAD offers low code as service and allow a clear exit strategy for clients.  Source code is converted to data in a database which offers big benefits compared to other Low Code Environments.

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ForesightOne Brings Tooodooo, an Incentive Relationship Management Platform to Market

By Curt Bloom on January 25, 2021 6:11:35 PM EST

ForesightOne Brings Tooodooo, an Incentive Relationship Management Platform to Market

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Profiles in Innovation:  Interview with Alec Belfer, CEO of Vioby

By Curt Bloom on September 13, 2019 9:42:06 AM EDT

ForesightOne focuses on introducing unique and innovative technology to marketers. Our intent is to help ensure that marketers are meeting their business requirements in an optimum way. 

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Profiles in Innovation: Anthony Botibol Chief Marketing Officer of BlueVenn Explains What Makes a True Customer Data Platform

By Curt Bloom on August 19, 2019 12:35:16 PM EDT

ForesightOne is committed to helping Marketers make sure that the investments they make in technology are going to deliver on their business requirements.  Recently, ForesightOne, added a new client to its portfolio of CDP vendors, BlueVenn.  Click here to read the press release on our blog.  

Customer Data Platforms are as powerful as they are complex; costs and delivery can be quite expansive, and businesses looking to invest in CDP solutions need to be absolutely certain that they’re receiving the capabilities and benefits they expect.  

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ForesightOne To Resell CabinetM Platform to Help Enterprise Organizations Adopt and Track Best of Breed Marketing Technologies Across the World

By Curt Bloom on July 2, 2019 9:15:24 PM EDT

(BOSTON, MA--June 25, 2019)

ForesightOne is excited to announce that we are adding CabinetM to the suite of innovative marketing technology products that we present and deliver to our clients.  CabinetM is a marketing technology management platform that provides marketing operations teams with the tools to visualize, analyze, and evolve their marketing technology stacks. Creating a solid foundation for a marketing technology infrastructure, our clients will be able to easily track what they’re using, how tools are performing, and where they have gaps.

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Profiles in Innovation: Sheryl Schultz of CabinetM Forecasts the MarTech Climate

By Curt Bloom on July 2, 2019 3:33:44 PM EDT

ForesightOne recently announced, via a press release,  its new reseller partnership with CabinetM, a company focused on helping large enterprises to take account of the marketing technology they have, understand overlaps, gaps, and lead the path to acquire new technologies where required by the business.  Tracking what you have is a no brainer, and ForesightOne believes that given the more than 10,000 MarTech tools available today, it is critical to manage your technology across affiliates, enterprises, divisions and departments.

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Top 12 Challenges Faced By Tech Startups

By Curt Bloom on March 19, 2019 10:30:40 AM EDT

Starting your own company is exciting and challenging, no matter the industry in which you wish to focus. Looking at the tech industry, startups face their own unique hurdles and opportunities, and the road to innovation is guided by goals that some businesses in their early stages struggle to meet.

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ForesightOne is Giving Marketers Access to Innovative MarTech

By Curt Bloom on February 8, 2019 4:35:41 PM EST

For marketing executives across all industries, finding the best, and most innovative tools can be a challenge. Because there is such a wealth of options it can be tempting to settle for the first solutions that come around, rather than sift through thousands of possibilities in order to find the absolute best one. In this environment, it is often the most well-funded or established solutions that marketers are most often recommended. As such, they frequently miss out on accessing the truly best, most innovative solutions, simply because they’re buried in the onslaught of competitors or as is frequently the case, located in other countries, where visibility to the global marketing place is quite invisible!

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ForesightOne Elevates Tech Startups to Marketplace Names

By Curt Bloom on January 31, 2019 4:39:57 PM EST

Tech startups face a myriad of challenges as they look to go-to-market and establish a brand. For some of these companies, the issues boil down, primarily, to visibility, while for others they manifest as a lack of resources. Both of the struggles can be fundamentally crippling if not resolved, and--oftentimes--these businesses do not, on their own, have the tools for resolution. As such, in an industry that is rapidly filling, seemingly by the hour, with new organizations shopping new innovations, many startups are dead before they hit the ground--their potentially groundbreaking work never given the chance to reach an audience.

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