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Five Essential Tenets to Get Your Tech Company Off The Ground

May 24, 2019 9:56:53 AM EDT


Starting a business in the US is a tricky project, and building and maintaining that business' success can be even more daunting. Still, for innovators with unique ideas, the drive to get their vision out can make the hurdles worthwhile.

For many businesses, though, it can be difficult to figure out what exactly to focus on. After all, in deploying your solution or building your brand, there are so many different elements that it can feel disorienting trying to decide what to prioritize.

At ForesightOne, it's our mission to help innovative organizations get their foot in the door. Our team has extensive experience in starting businesses of their own, and helping fledgling companies find their footing. As such, we wanted to offer our advice to other innovators out there, in the form of the Five Essential Tenets to Deploying Your Solution

Figure Out Your Brand and Your Mission

In a world where there are dozens of new solutions popping up every day, it's crucial that your organization find ways to clarify what makes your solution special, and to select differentiators that you know will grab the attention of potential customers.

Relaying the benefit of your product should be addressed in two ways: what does it do, and what does it stand for.

Why are you making this solution? What is your greater mission? Organizations that have a meaningful vision backing their solution are in a far better position to connect with customers.

Market Your Customer, Not Your Company

Building off that first point, it's essential to create a voice that doesn't simply force customers to hear all about you.

Of course, it's important to explain why your brand is worth their time, but that appeal is much more effectively made when the customer, not the product, is at the center of the conversation.

By making your customer feel seen, and centering their unique needs, you're giving them further incentive to invest in your solution and your business.

Listen More Than You Talk

Even the company with the greatest solution and the most revolutionary vision needs to take the time to listen when they're starting out.

Listening will allow you to pick up on unaddressed industry issues you hadn't thought of. Listening will help you recognize what your customers really want, not just what you assume they do. Listening will make it easier for you to quickly recover from setbacks, effectively adapt to unforeseen circumstances, and build a brand that is able to create a dialogue with those it wants to attract.

Don't Miss the Trees for the Forest

When you're invested in a vision, it's easy to become high on your own excitement, to chase the abstract or the hypothetical, and neglect the essential granular elements of deploying a solution.

To steal a phrase from a favorite author of mine, building a business consists of "myriad, unsexy" tasks and duties, all of which must be properly attended to if you want to succeed.

By all means, chase that vision and believe in your innovation. Bur also make certain that the smallest, least exciting necessities are tended to. Otherwise, you might wake up one morning on a sinking ship with a dozen holes that you hadn't even thought about.

Be Ready to Adapt

Industries such as MarTech are constantly changing with the introduction of new solutions, the obsolescence of old standards, and the fixation on temporary trends.

For your business to not only deploy, but to remain relevant and dynamic, you have to be ready for sea changes--many of which might drive you a little bit crazy.

Change is inevitable. But you can position yourself to keep coming out on top.

Successful Deployment is Tricky, But it's Within Your Grasp!

There's no single roadmap to successfully deploying a new solution.

Still, with the proper priorities, your organization can position itself to address weaknesses, seize on victories, and face challenges head on.

Believing in your innovation and taking the time to realistically understand the landscape into which you'll be introducing it is a vital combination, and effectively tapping into this strategy requires a healthy mix of pragmatism, openness, and tenacity.

Still, at the end of the day, when all is said and done, you'll be happy with what you've built. And your customers will be thrilled with what you've given them.

Michael Darer
Written by Michael Darer

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