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For Many Marketers, Innovation is the Expectation

June 28, 2019 2:47:31 PM EDT

Foresightone (2)Every summer during college, I worked at a marketing internship. Every day I found myself constantly interacting with customers, whether directly or through the prism of content writing. I found myself thrilled at the chance to work with potential clients to help them discover what they were looking for.

Still, I often found myself frustrated at the surprising lack of effective tools I had to do so.

Marketers Demand More

I think my time as a content marketer really hammered home to me the dearth of truly dynamic and innovative solutions readily available to my team and I.

Often times, we would find ourselves struggling with problems surrounding data organization or ad creation, stumped not by the task itself, but by the fact that it was so hard to find MarTech and AdTech solutions that actually addressed the problems we were having. Every so often, we would get lucky after hours of searching, and stumble upon a lesser known but perfectly suited tool, but all too often we really felt as though we were stranded without a paddle on a river that should have been forded long ago.

This is not to whine, but rather to point out that, as marketing evolves at an increasing rate, marketers expect that the MarTech solutions available will evolve in step. As they look to be more creative, more adventurous, and more inventive with their content, marketers are going to demand tools that have just as much imagination as the industry they're designed to serve.

MarTech providers who are comfortable resting on their laurels are only frustrating their clientele, and their approach simply won't be the future of MarTech.

Innovators Will Win the Day

While larger MarTech providers are often too willing to provide the same, safe solutions time and time again, around the world there are up-and-coming MarTech vendors who are listening to the changing needs of marketers, and rising to the occasion.

These innovators recognize the need for evolution, and the importance of finding new ways to meet challenges both common and rare, to anticipate and embrace the future while remaining attentive to the needs of the present. These organizations--while often not as established as their veteran competitors--are often crafting solutions that reflect an exciting and novel vision of what MarTech can do, how content can be created, how data can be leveraged, and how collaboration can give birth to marketing that is more adept at connecting with customers than ever before.

ForesightOne Fosters Innovation

At ForesightOne, it's our mission to seek out these innovators and connect them with the marketers who've been waiting for their spark. Our goal is to elevate MarTech providers who are pushing boundaries and revolting against expectation, and to empower marketers who are tired of scrolling through pages and pages of solutions that fail to meet the demands of their own creativity.

With these communities unified, we believe that marketing can grow and expand faster than ever before, finding novel ways to meet novel goals, and satisfy the changing needs of evolving industries.

Seemingly, with each day, customers demand more of marketers and marketers demand more of the solutions they're using to deliver powerful customer experiences. By providing a platform and a megaphone for those MarTech innovators who aren't looking to settle for the standard, ForesightOne hopes to satisfy every member of this dynamic and invigorating ecosystem.

The more rigorous the demand, the more powerful the solution. Marketers demand innovation, and we're here to deliver it.

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