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ForesightOne and BlueVenn Team Up to Deliver True Customer Data Platforms to Marketers Around the World

August 19, 2019 12:32:37 PM EDT

(BOSTON, MA--August 5, 2019)

ForesightOne is excited to announce our latest partnership with BlueVenn, and our continued dedication to helping marketers around the world discover innovative solutions that expand their ability to connect with prospects and promote their brands. For years, BlueVenn has been striving to ensure just this, creating and perfecting Customer Data Platforms (CDPs) that go above and beyond the expectation and standards of the industry. Including robust analytical features, a multi-faceted user interface, and a wide range of integration potential, BlueVenn's CDP has long been one of the very best examples of this truly revolutionary technology.

In a recent conversation with BlueVenn's Marketing Director Anthony Botibol, Mr. Botibol explained: "Providing customers with access to and control over their data is central to compliance and BlueVenn Unify is offering a wide range of ways for businesses to do so."

As ForesightOne continues to work with BlueVenn, we're excited to help businesses across industries achieve the monumental levels of control over their data that BlueVenn's CDPs are providing. We are confident that organizations who adopt BlueVenn's solutions will be shocked by their results, and by the incredible power of a true CDP.

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About ForesightOne: Founded in 2018 by Curt Bloom, ForesightOne is building a robust community of MarTech innovators and marketing specialists, connecting the experts who support businesses with the very best tools to optimize that support.

About BlueVenn: Based in the UK, BlueVenn manufactures and sells customer data management tools--most prominently CDPs. Working closely with their customers, they help enterprises build Customer Data Platforms that go well beyond what many other so-called CDP retailers are offering, and help businesses in a wide range of industries revolutionize the way they activate, orchestrate, and understand customer data.

Michael Darer
Written by Michael Darer

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