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ForesightOne To Resell CabinetM Platform to Help Enterprise Organizations Adopt and Track Best of Breed Marketing Technologies Across the World

July 2, 2019 9:15:24 PM EDT

(BOSTON, MA--June 25, 2019)

ForesightOne is excited to announce that we are adding CabinetM to the suite of innovative marketing technology products that we present and deliver to our clients.  CabinetM is a marketing technology management platform that provides marketing operations teams with the tools to visualize, analyze, and evolve their marketing technology stacks. Creating a solid foundation for a marketing technology infrastructure, our clients will be able to easily track what they’re using, how tools are performing, and where they have gaps."CabinetM is an ideal solution for large enterprise organizations and MarTech innovators who are spending more than 29% of their marketing budgets on technology.  Using the CabinetM platform, these organizations can easily manage the products they have, create technology visibility across the company, and find the products they need," says ForesightOne founder and CEO, Curt Bloom.

In a recent conversation with CabinetM co-founder Sheryl Schultz, Ms. Schultz explained, "Over the last decade, marketing has increasingly become a technical role with large organizations using anywhere from 50 to 250 tools to acquire, engage and retain customers. Tracking details about contracts, renewals, users, and integrations and being able to report on that data to various parts of the organization is no longer just ‘nice to have,’ it’s mandatory.  On average our users are able to eliminate 20% of their current marketing technology spend within six months of implementing the CabinetM platform; these are funds that can be re-allocated to new technology or programs.”

Going forward, ForesightOne is eager to help amplify CabinetM's mission of making marketing technology use transparent and effective. In today’s environment, a critical component to digital success is having the infrastructure to support collaboration around marketing technology decisions, performance and strategy. CabinetM delivers that infrastructure.

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About ForesightOne: Founded in 2018 by Curt Bloom, ForesightOne is building a robust community of MarTech innovators and marketing specialists, connecting the experts who support businesses with the very best tools to optimize that support.

About CabinetM: CabinetM is a Marketing Technology Management platform that makes it easy for enterprise marketing teams manage the technology they have and find the tools they need. The CabinetM platform enables full lifecycle support around digital tool discovery, qualification, implementation and management, providing critical visibility and leverage to save time, money and drive revenue.

Curt Bloom
Written by Curt Bloom

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