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ForesightOne Brings Tooodooo, an Incentive Relationship Management Platform to Market

January 25, 2021 6:11:35 PM EST

ForesightOne Brings Tooodooo, an Incentive Relationship Management Platform to Market

(BOSTON, MA—January 27, 2021

ForesightOne is excited to announce that we are adding Tooodooo to the suite of innovative technology platforms that we present and deliver to our clients.  Tooodooo is an Incentive Relationship Management technology platform that provides Agencies, Enterprises, SME’s, and Start-Ups with a complete social network rewards platform addressing Challenges, Loyalty, and Referral programs to incentivize employees and customers to create better work performance, revenue growth, and customer retention results. The platform enables its users to build a complete customized Incentive Rewards Program in a very short period, with the ability to monitor results of its participants, and leverage and convert reward points, discounts, and products from around the world. Incentive Rewards Platforms are used for Challenge, Loyalty and Referral Programs. While the methodology to create programs is similar, companies often use different platforms, personnel, and agencies to handle these types of programs. The cost of this is much more expensive, the work is elongated, and the results sit in a silo space. Tooodooo's single platform results are the opposite, programs are developed quickly, simply, and can leverage data from any source for better results.

“We call Tooodooo an "Incentive Relationship Rewards Platform," as the social network which is created by the platform enables companies to go beyond reward provisioning by creating interest, communication, knowledge, and even fun regarding its offering thus building a stronger customer/employee relationship and result than those received from other platforms and programs," says ForesightOne founder and CEO, Curt Bloom.

According to Laurent Pioche, CEO, and one of the founders of Tooodooo, “The current platform has been developed over the past two years by a team of 20 people, many of whom have had significant experience in this market space since its inception years ago.   Tooodooo has been positively tested by approximately 6k users and Tooodooo was launched this past November, and several large Clients, Agencies and Partners have already been signed. “

ForesightOne will be deploying this technology in the North American market, and putting together a separate entity in the U.S., via staffing, marketing, sales, and customer support efforts.   ForesightOne will also be seeking Funding to expedite the deployment as Tooodooo is entering a very large market, currently at $200B worldwide.  

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 About ForesightOne: ForesightOne brings new and unique technologies to market via Marketing Assessment, Go-To-Market Planning, Execution, alongside Funding and Acquisition efforts.

About Tooodooo: Tooodooo as a start-up with a recently launched Incentive Relationship Rewards Platform already has locations and partners in the U.S. France, Luxembourg, Asia, and the Middle East.

Curt Bloom
Written by Curt Bloom

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