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ForesightOne Brings to Market SCAD Software, An Enhanced Low-Code Application Build Service

By Curt Bloom on February 1, 2021 9:26:20 AM EST

(BOSTON, MA— (February 1,2021)  ForesightOne is pleased to announce that we are adding SCAD Software, a new Low-Code custom application build service to the suite of innovative technology products that we offer and sell to our clients.  Low-Code applications mean that there is a lot less source code, but you end up being tied into the low code platform.  In a lot of cases source code is still generated in the background but developers use a Graphical User Interface to configure the system.  This is then sold as a product for internal developers.  SCAD offers low code as service and allow a clear exit strategy for clients.  Source code is converted to data in a database which offers big benefits compared to other Low Code Environments.

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