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Meet Vioby: The AI Component That’s Raising Retailers’ Paid Search Conversions by 20% Plus

January 3, 2019 1:43:45 PM EST

ForesightOne is happy to announce that Vioby, a customer-centric AdTech vendor providing a Search Management AI component is now part of our innovation community.

What Does Vioby Do?

Vioby improves retailer e-commerce revenue and overall shopping experience via automated search ad campaign optimization. Vioby’s robust AI technology ensures that shoppers always land on the most relevant page on the retailer’s website.

Vioby Addresses Major Challenges in E-Commerce Paid Search!

Organizations whose e-commerce infrastructures contain large product catalogs and a substantial roster of keywords often find themselves struggling to manually keep track of ever-changing updates to URLs on the website. This makes it all the more likely that a shopper will eventually land on an irrelevant, nonexistent, or out-of-stock landing page, and report a negative experience, or stop engaging with the retailer and their products.

Solutions, Benefits, Proven Results!

Major retail e-commerce organizations can now increase their Paid Search conversions by up to 20% or more with the help of Vioby’s AI optimization component.

Their experienced team is passionate about applying advanced semantic understanding, automated machine learning, predictive analytics and big data techniques to enhance customer shopping experiences and delivering personalized recommendations in the digital sphere.

As a result, organizations that employ Vioby’s AI component are far more likely to provide customers with the accurate and satisfactory retail experience they crave when shopping for products via search engines.

How Does Vioby Work?

Through its robust AI engine, Vioby is able to update Search Ad links, better matching shopper intent and searched keywords for campaigns on engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc. to the relevant landing page of a given retailer’s site.

Vioby’s strategic partnership with Google Search Ads 360 and Kenshoo employs a powerful integrated solution approach that draws on your search management platform seamlessly. Vioby ensures that shoppers are guaranteed to land securely on the perfect page for their inquiries.

See How Vioby Will Work for You!

ForesightOne is currently offering free briefing reports. This personalized report will contain a detailed case study about current disruptions in your paid search marketing acquisition journey (from Search Ad Click to Add to Cart conversion) and how these can be turned into opportunities for better conversion rates and shopping experience by leveraging Vioby’s AI component.

Click here to visit Vioby's Profile Page. Don't forget to request your free customized report that shows how you can improve your paid search conversions!

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