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A New Era Begins: Open Banking & CDPs

Mar 19, 2019 9:57:20 AM


Customer relationships are at the heart of all marketing, and banking institutions are discovering new ways to deepen, fortify, and extend those relationships.

Note: A recording of this webinar is available here.

With Open Banking and Customer Data Platforms (CDPs), major banks around the world are empowered to reach out to their customers in new ways, across more channels, and with astronomically greater accuracy.

These solutions are ensuring that clients feel heard and catered to, allowing even the largest banks to connect with every single one of their customers on a personalized and individual level.

The results are astounding.

On March 28th, at 12 PM (EST), ForesightOne is partnering with Senior Executives from Softworld and Itau Bank for an exclusive webinar to discuss how Open Banking and CDPs are providing novel avenues for banks to connect with customers, ensure compliance, enhance governance, and revolutionize their marketing strategies.

With expansive insight into both marketing strategy and data management, our roundtable will explore topics such as hyper-personalization and omnichannel marketing--not as mere buzzwords, but as meaningful and materially transformative approaches to building customer relationships.

For banks looking to invest in their marketing and their client base, understanding the nuances of customer behavior is essential, guaranteeing more relevant, more effective, and more well-received campaigns across devices. The final result is a sleeker, automated, behavior-driven approach to data management and marketing communications. Not all of your customers behave the same way, and not all your customers have the same needs. Open Banking and CDPs ensure that the content you create, and the offers you deliver dynamically reflect the specific and individualized desires of your clients, turning them from casual customers to loyal clients to evangelists for your institution.

Tune into the conversation and receive the answers to questions such as:

  • Why a Customer Data Platform is the best ally in your Open Banking Project?
  • How does a Customer Data Platform empower my data strategy?
  • How to deliver hyper-personalization across channels at scale in a 1:1 level.

With the expertise of our panel and a slate of carefully curated FinServ use cases, ForesightOne and its partners will educate and energize your team to take strategic steps to bring innovation to your organization!

Michael Darer
Written by Michael Darer

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