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Lemnisk's CDP Empowers Smarter Marketing for FinServ Institutions

Jan 17, 2019 12:21:15 PM

At the end of the day, marketing is entirely about connecting with your customers. It’s a science built on understanding how your customers work, what your customers need, and why your customers prosper. Omnichannel marketing is crucial to this: it helps organizations interact with users on their preferred devices, in ways that are melded to their lifestyles.

For banks, insurance companies, and financial services enterprises, this level of connection is especially important. More and more people feel isolated from those that handle their money, safeguard their livelihood. The key to breaking this misconception is being able to create a personal connection with customers, to build a relationship on the channels with which your customers are most comfortable.

Omnichannel marketing achieves that. Lemnisk achieves that.

Creating a Customer Data Platform (CDP) designed to help banks, insurance companies, and financial services enterprises reach current and potential customers on the devices and channels with which they’re most comfortable, Lemnisk is helping marketers build strong ongoing relationships that boost ROI, and promote customer loyalty.

With Lemnisk, these organizations are able to build a global community of customers who feel connected to businesses in the financial sector. They’re able to expand their customer base while providing targeted marketing across multiple channels to enhance engagement and drive commitment.

Lemnisk is the clear way forward for enterprises working in the FinServ sector.

Lemnisk allows Financial Services institutions to:

  • Personalize customer experiences, allowing marketers to understand detailed customer buying behavior and increase performance metrics;
  • Create targeted Next Best Offer (NBO) suggestions for customers based on previous behavior and purchases;
  • Target users across multiple channels in line with prior interactions and demonstrated preferences.

With Lemnisk, organizations are empowered to drive hyper-personalization across multiple channels. They’re empowered to create a marketing strategy that truly speaks to the individualized needs of their customers, while simultaneously building a coherent, cohesive brand.

If you truly want your customers to become invested in you, you must be invested in them. Lemnisk’s CDP provides the tools and the wherewithal for banks, insurance companies, and financial services enterprises invested in building better, deeper customer relationships.

At the end of the day, marketing is about connection. It’s about building relationships and value among your customer community. Speaking with your customers on their devices, and on their terms is crucial. Developing a strategy that builds loyalty among your customers is crucial.

That’s what drives engagement. That’s what drives success.

Lemnisk understands how omnichannel marketing resolves itself as the lynchpin of all victorious customer relationships. Lemnisk has developed its platform to target customers on the right channels, and to do so in a way that promotes rapid results. With easy and quick implementation and surefire ROI, Lemnisk’s CDP is a leader among institutions dedicated to meaningful relationships with their clients’ longstanding success. Via a number of dynamic and transformative capabilities, Lemnisk’s CDP helps Financial Services organizations deepen their relationships with customers, and improve clients’ overall experiences across devices simultaneously.

That’s something you can bank on.

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