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KPI Lift Delivered In 90 Days

The Certified KPIs ™ below, indicate Lemnisk's Innovative Technology was deployed with HDFC Bank. The metrics were measured using A/B Testing as a method for comparison and concluded statistically significant results.


Increase in Digital Conversions


Increase in Click-To-Lead ratio


Increase in Click Through Rate


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Lemnisk's Marketing Technology Summary

Lemnisk allows you as a FinServ Marketer to go beyond personalization with our AI-powered Customer Data Platform and fully dedicated managed services. We understand the complexity and nuances of truly automating and driving metric performance with your MarTech and AdTech stack. We understand your goals and challenges because we dedicated our careers to focus on BFSI (Banking, Financial Service and Insurance), that’s why in conjunction with our technology we establish a Center of Excellence (COE) for every client, to make sure you will get the results you are looking for. Together we can create an omnichannel journey for success with a clearly defined roadmap that allows you to drive hyper-personalized experiences based on actionable data from multiple sources. Lemnisk’s Customer Data Platform has generated significant lift across all touchpoints by better understanding customer’s intent across channels.


Core Capabilities & Benefits

AI-powered CDP


FinServ Solution

Scalable & Flexible

Security Expertise

Center of Excellence


AI-Powered CDP

We work with a variety of organizations from the SME (Small and Medium Enterprises and LE (Large Enterprises). We understand that your advertisement and marketing technology stack is complex and we have developed a formula so you can take advantage of your data from multiple sources and leverage artificial intelligence to work for you across segments, channels, content and product recommendations.



Our strategy and technology take place even before your audience reaches your website or app. Our CDP integrates directly with all your advertising and marketing technology stack so you can drive hyper-personalized experiences for both known and anonymous clients across devices.


FinServ Solution

Lemnisk’s CDP is 100% focused on the Financial Services industry. When developing our capabilities and product roadmap our use cases are not partitioned across different verticals. We are solely dedicated to Banking, Financial Services, and Insurance.


Scalable & Flexible

Our solution deployment is highly flexible, our clients can choose from a cloud or on-premise deployment.


Security Expertise

Our organization takes security very seriously. Lemnisk is ISO/IEC 27001 (Information Security Management) and ISO/IEC 27018 (Protection of Personally Identifiable Information) certified. We are GDPR compliant, we conduct Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing (VAPT), and OTP (One-Time Password) is mandatory for every user. This approach guarantees that Lemnisk its client, and technology is always protected to the highest standards.


Center of Excellence

For every client, we implement a Center of Excellence with a clearly defined roadmap to drive hyper-personalization and growth across all channels and touchpoints. We become an integral part of your team, guiding you through every phase.


About Lemnisk

Lemnisk drives customer engagement and conversions for FinServ marketers by orchestrating hyper-personalized experiences. We know you know that you need to be data driven, you need a user one-view, you need to personalize experience across channels, you need to target users on the right channel, acquiring and retaining customers should be a logical evolution of a meaningful ongoing relationship with them, and that a Customer Data Platform does all of this. We also know what you really want – Real implementation and rapid results. That’s what Lemnisk offers.

We see many CDP vendors entering the market today, a market expected to reach more than $3.3 billion by 2023. Lemnisk’s CDP is 100% focused on the Financial Services industry...We are very excited to partner with them!
Curt Bloom
Founder & CEO at ForesightOne
For every Financial Services client, we implement a Center of Excellence with a clearly defined roadmap to drive hyper-personalization and growth across all channels and touchpoints. We are excited that ForesightOne has partnered with us and will be supporting us with marketing, sales, and customer success.
Subra Krishnan
CEO at Lemnisk