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Vioby’s Artificial Intelligence has already proven to increase conversion rates by 15% or more!

Pay-per-click spend continues to increase, retail conversion rates remain at only 3.5%. Artificial Intelligence and Automation have become the key factors in enabling better paid search performance.

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Paid Search E-Commerce Conversion Lift

The Certified KPIs ™ below, indicate that Vioby's Innovative Technology increased Paid Search Conversion Rates (CVR). A/B Testing was utilized as a method of comparison to determine statistically significant results.


 $3 Billion Office Supplies Retailer


$200 Million Apparel Retailer


$500 Million Lifestyle Retailer


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Vioby's Marketing Technology Summary

Vioby's AI component increases conversion rates of paid search campaigns by 15% or more. We work directly with E-Commerce Retailers that advertise a large catalog of products and their Digital Agencies. Our goal is to improve the shopping experience of consumers by immediately showing them the most relevant page on your website, thus reducing the number of clicks to “Add to Bag”. Our partnership with Google Search Ads 360, Google Ads, and Kenshoo delivers a fully integrated solution that ensures customer’s shopping intent is always clearly understood.


Core Capabilities & Benefits

Increased Conversions

Better Shopping Experience

AI-Driven Optimization


Increased Conversions

Vioby’s AI-driven component is specifically designed to help you optimize customer engagement on your paid advertising, generating a far higher conversion rate than ever before. When shoppers are redirected to pages that don’t match their search intent, they’re far more likely to bounce, frustrated that they couldn’t get what they were looking for. With Vioby, customers are guaranteed to land on the e-commerce page that suits both their query, and the promise of your ad. As such, the likelihood of shoppers completing their customer journey and converting on your site is massively increased!


Better Shopping Experience

No one likes to have a bad shopping experience, but paid search campaigns have grown so that managing some aspects, such as the destination landing page for each keyword, should no longer be a manual task. Customers who click on search ads are too frequently redirected to pages that don’t match their intent, including unrelated items, or even items that are out of stock. These mistakes leave shoppers feeling frustrated. That’s certainly not what you want! Luckily, Vioby’s AI component is built to ensure that when potential customers engage with your paid advertising, they always find what they’re looking for, smoothly and promptly. Vioby is building a better shopping experience for your customers, and better advertising experience for you!


AI-Driven Optimization

How does Vioby accomplish as much as it does? A healthy dose of carefully constructed artificial intelligence! Through its robust AI engine, Vioby is able to ensure that shoppers land on the most relevant page, matching their intent (searched keywords entered on engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.). Vioby employs a powerful integrated solution approach that draws on your search management platform (be it Google Search Ads 360, Kenshoo, or others), ensuring that shoppers always have the best possible shopping experience.


About Vioby

Vioby was founded by Alec Belfer and Michael Krasner. Their experienced team is passionate about applying advanced semantic understanding, automated machine learning, and predictive analytics techniques to enhance the shopping experience of consumers.

You can visit their website at

Vioby’s AI component uniquely allows for the automation of the destination URL's based upon Shoppers' experiences. The absence of this technology in standard search management tools means that customer journeys are not optimized to the extent necessary to ensure maximum ROI on search ad spend.
Curt Bloom
Founder & CEO at ForesightOne
Vioby has successfully deployed its LinkDirector platform with leading retailers. We look forward to this partnership with ForesightOne to provide increase results and deliver a better shopping experience to E-Commerce Retailers and Agencies.
Alec Belfer
Alec Belfer
Founder & CEO at Vioby