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MSE Platform™

Flexible, Unbiased Fit. ROI Across Industries. Proven Strategy Execution.

ForesightOne's Mindful Strategy Execution Platform is tailored to connect marketers and tech innovators for mutual success.

Emphasizing valuable, evolving solutions, our platform creates long-lasting relationships between these innovators and those that they help. Providing voices for the solutions of tomorrow, and access to the marketers of today ForesightOne's MSE Platform is the perfect launchpad to help your organization thrive.


Platform Benefits

Innovative Marketers join for free. Tech Innovators must pass our certification process.

Private Network

ForesighOne guarantees that communications between tech innovators and marketers are always secure, and hyper-personalized to your role, industry-category, and technology stack.

Certified KPIs™

Marketers are only exposed to innovative tech companies that have passed our certification process. Tech innovators must demonstrate KPI lift with recognizable brands.

Mindful Mediation

From business development to contract negotiation we work together with both parties to ensure goals and capabilities are aligned. No sales pitches without proof, that's our promise.

Center of Excellence

Established COE to ensure marketers can leverage the acquired technology, and tech innovators can deploy solutions successfully.


Featured Tech Innovators

World’s First AI-powered CDP for FinServ

Lemnisk allows you as a FinServ marketer to go beyond personalization with our AI-powered Customer Data Platform and fully dedicated managed services. 

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Search Ads Fueled by AI

Vioby's AI component increases conversion rates of Paid Search by up to 20% or more. We work directly with E-Commerce Retailers that advertise a large catalog of products. 

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AI Candidate Ranking Platform

ProRank empowers recruiters and makes the time-consuming and tedious process of reviewing candidates impeccably streamlined. 

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