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ForesightOne and WordStream Join Ranks to Optimize the Online Shopping Experience

Jul 2, 2019 9:19:25 PM


ForesightOne is proud to announce our latest partnership with a key innovator in the area of AdTech and Paid Search technology platform, Wordstream. WordStream Advisor and it’s 20-Minute Work Week are aimed at helping Marketers optimize their AdTech and Paid Search resources based upon analytics, AI and a unique Do-It-Yourself platform that empowers businesses.

Working with WordStream, the ForesightOne team has been wowed by the creativity and depth of the tools that they offer. As we seek to expand our partnership program and align with new and exciting companies, we dream of meeting innovators like the WordStream team that can make a material impact on efforts provided by both Marketers and Digital Agencies.

“We’re thrilled to be working with ForesightOne,” said Tripp Ott, Director of Channel Development at WordStream. “We hope that with their support we can ensure a wider range of businesses understand the nuances of paid search technology, and the benefits of a platform such as ours.”

ForesightOne is well know in the E-Commerce world by engaging regularly with thousands of Agencies and Brands regarding selection of the most innovative technologies for Marketers. We are proud that ForesightOne mindfully selected WordStream as one of its key avenues to help introduce Marketers to new and more efficient technologies to improve upon ad spend return alongside improved customer conversion rates and experiences.

“WordStream stands out not only for their own incredible technology, but as a shining example of the sort of innovation ForesightOne strives to promote. They also present a perfect complement to another of our partners Vioby, which has been helping retailers, leisure and travel brands, and more, perfect their paid search advertising through Vioby’s revolutionary component, leveraging artificial intelligence, semantic understanding technology, and the automation of keyword management,” explains ForesightOne CEO Curt Bloom.

Though only in its infancy, the ForesightOne team looks forward to a dynamic and powerful relationship with WordStream, and a fruitful partnership promoting their truly innovative tools.

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About ForesightOne: Founded in 2018 by Curt Bloom, ForesightOne is building a robust community of MarTech innovators and marketing specialists, connecting the experts who support businesses with the very best tools to optimize that support.

About WordStream: Since 2007, WordStream has striven to simplify the process of online advertising, while providing vendors with the a wide range of tools, specifically designed to optimize customer experience, promote increased shopper engagement, and maximize advertising ROI.

Curt Bloom
Written by Curt Bloom

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