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Increase your E-Commerce Paid Search Conversions with AI

Jan 22, 2019 6:20:47 PM

On January 25th, 2019 at 2 PM EST you have a chance to learn about the Vioby’s AI Technology, a search management platform component that is driving up to 20% or more increased conversions for E-Commerce Retailers that currently use Google Search Ads 360 or Kenshoo.

If you haven’t had a chance to register for the webinar, you can do so here (note that the number of participants is limited and there are just a few seats left).

Vioby’s AI Component is designed to optimize Retailer’s paid search campaigns by leveraging Artificial Intelligence and Semantic Search. Their approach takes into consideration the shopper’s search intent (searched keywords on Google, Yahoo, and Bing), the vast and dynamic data from retailer’s product catalog and the metric performance of paid search advertising to put shoppers in front of the products they are really looking for to buy.

Engaging in paid search ads is a common way for shoppers to conduct their online purchase efforts. Your digital approach has to ensure that the shopping experience is optimized so that your e-commerce is maximizing its conversion results. There are impediments to this experience, for example, the shopper having difficulty arriving at the most relevant selection of products based on their search intent.

Shoppers today face issues like ending up on pages that are not related to their search queries, pages that don’t put the shopper in front of the products they are looking for (like the homepage), and even pages with zero results (aka out of stock products).

The challenge here is ongoing, as category and e-commerce managers make changes to your e-commerce site and shoppers purchase products, your destination landing pages often need updating, a manual effort that can be significant and costly, especially if you have a large catalog with a significant number of products. The manual effort is not practical if not impossible, to make sure that your search ad destinations remain optimized and your customer’s experience to be such that the desired product is found easily and quickly… here is the Vioby AI Component to help you achieve that!

The online webinar that ForesightOne is hosting will demonstrate how Vioby’s AI component works with search management platforms to eliminate manual effort in optimizing destination landing pages. We are going to delve into the semantic understanding--so your paid search ads link shoppers to the most relevant page, and that they can find quickly what they’re looking to purchase. Utilizing the Vioby AI Component will enable you to maintain this optimized landing approach, regardless of how often you make changes to your e-commerce platform.

Don’t miss out. Learn how Vioby can revolutionize your paid search advertising.

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