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Paid Search Advertising is Integral to Most Retail Marketing. Make Sure You Get it Right

May 24, 2019 9:16:58 AM


When it comes to paid advertising, there are a wealth of options for retailers to draw from, and many will opt to create a diverse strategy: making use of video ads, social media postings, and in-app offerings.

Still, one type of advertising is far more common and more widely invested in than any of these mentioned: paid search advertising.

Paid search advertising has much to recommend it, allowing brands to inject themselves into a potential customer's journey from the moment they enter a query into their search engine. These ads have the potential to push organizations to the forefront of a shopper's mind, and it's essential that they're smartly used.

Paid Search Advertising Reigns Supreme

In a chart published by eMarketer in June of 2018 entitled Paid Digital Ad Formats Used By Advertisers Worldwide, By Industry, the company examined how four different industries leverage six different types of paid digital ad formats.

While the mileage of all of these types of advertising varied, paid search advertising was by far the most popular, with over 90% of those surveyed in every industry saying that they made use of these ads. Specifically, 93% of retailers, ecommerce and CPG organizations responded that they used paid search advertising!




While the basic takeaway from these numbers is relatively straightforward--that paid search ads are immensely popular--there are deeper insights to focus on, as well.

If a given industry--in this case retail--is investing so uniformly on paid search advertising, one can assume that they see these ads as valuable, and that they're ultimately spending a fair amount creating and promoting them.

Unfortunately, despite the value of paid search advertising for retailers, many of the ads they're building and promoting aren't actually giving them the ROI they expect or the engagement that they deserve.

Don't Spend on Ads That Don't Do Their Job

It's important to note that this is not a dig at retailers or at paid search advertising as a marketing strategy.

When utilized properly, paid search advertising can have an immensely positive impact, drawing impressive revenue, building serious customer engagement, and boosting a brand's profile among shoppers who previously hadn't heard of them.

The point, rather, is to illuminate the fact that--for all the investment in paid search advertising--many retailers fall prey to a problem that makes those ads far less effective than they could be.

Make Sure Your Destination Pages are Relevant to Customers

A distressing number of paid search advertisements direct customers to irrelevant landing pages that have little to do with their query, frustrating shoppers and compelling them to search for their items elsewhere. When the links in these ads aren't dynamically updated to match a brand's large catalogue, a shopper who specifically searched for a pink swimsuit might find themselves directed to a retailer's homepage, or even a 404 error page.

Vioby is working to change that. Through AI and semantic understanding technology, Vioby is ensuring that retailers paid search ads direct customers to the most relevant pages, increasing ROI on those ads, and ensuring that shoppers find what they need!

Paid search advertising is a pillar of ecommerce retail. Ensure that yours is all it can be with Vioby!

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Michael Darer
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