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Search Advertising Down The Lane. Have You Played This Game?

Mar 19, 2019 10:14:57 AM


The ultimate goal of targeted marketing is being able to effectively hear your customers, and deliver them the products and the information they need. Above all else, you need your MarTech and AdTech solutions to be able to listen.

Note: The recorded version of the webinar can be found here

Consider the game Telephone. One person whispers a message to another, and in turn they whisper it to a third. This goes on and on down the line until the last person calls out what it is that they heard. They humor of the game is how distorted that original message has become, arriving at the end of the line completely different than it was at the beginning.

Often, AdTech based marketing resembles Telephone, with a shopper's search query being jumbled and mistranslated to the point that the item they receive, or the page they land on is completely divorced from what they actually requested. Unlike Telephone, however, the shopper is rarely amused by the result.

While this problem is all too common, there are numerous solutions to prevent your e-commerce website from misdirecting a shopper or misrepresenting their query, especially when it comes to paid search advertising.

On March 28th, at 2 PM (EST), Vioby and ForesightOne are hosting an exclusive webinar where--for 30 minutes--we will explore the blindspots that cause these problems, and delve deep into the solutions that are helping e-commerce retailers avoid this pitfall.

The secret? Semantic Understanding.

While it can be deployed in many different ways, the heart of Semantic Understanding is simple. It ensures that your brand comprehend your shopper's query and intent, thoroughly--both the literal words of the search, and the context. With solutions that employ Semantic Understanding backed by robust AI, e-commerce brands are able to direct shoppers to the most relevant destination pages in their site. Through Semantic Understanding and artificial intelligence, retailers are seeing double digit increases in paid search ROI.

During our conversation, AdTech leaders will explain the concept of how Semantic Understanding and AI can correct misdirection, and introduce Vioby--the AI component that can be integrated into your search marketing process and technology stack.

There's immense value waiting with Semantic Understanding: elevated ROI, better shopping experience, and longer lasting customer relationships. Don't miss out!

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Michael Darer
Written by Michael Darer

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