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With Vioby, Paid Search Advertising is a Better Value for Retailers

Jan 17, 2019 12:39:55 PM

What does good marketing entail for retailers? What is the key to success?

At the end of the day, it all boils down to giving shoppers what they want, what they need. For some, this might sound elementary, but it’s--surprisingly--something that many online retailers haven’t mastered.

Picture this: you’re surfing the web. You’re looking for a pink sundress. You type your query into Google, and you’re immediately met with a number of paid search advertisements that promise you exactly what you want. So, you click.

But when you click on that ad, you often don’t get what you’d been promised. Maybe you’re sent to a page filled with all the dresses, demanding that you scroll through hundreds of items to find what you’re looking for. Even worse, you’re sent to a page of every item that’s pink: dresses, shirts, socks, shoes, lingerie, satchels.

If you're a loyal customer, you are frustrated, but if you are a new customer, you'll usually go back and click on another retailer's ad.

This is the experience many shoppers have with online retailers, and many of those retailers don’t even know it! While paid search advertisements can be a boon of business, those that fail to have the most relevant landing page for each shopper click will frustrate and drive away shoppers. If you’d gone through the experience of our hypothetical shopper, you’d probably do the same.

This is where Vioby comes in.

Vioby designed a powerful AI component specifically tailored to help e-commerce organizations ensure that their paid search advertisements deliver on their promise, that their potential customers see the retailer's offering that meets the shopper's intent.

Through semantic understanding, automated machine learning, and predictive analytics, Vioby is able to improve the shopper's journey when they reach the retailer's e-commerce. The AI component updates the final destination URLs dynamically by matching the shopper’s intent (as expressed in the campaign keywords on search engines including Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.)with the rich content on the retailer’s e-commerce site. By integration with search management platforms from Google Search Ads 360 and Kenshoo, the Vioby technology is integrated with your current marketing technology stack.

In short, Vioby helps retailers and their agencies guarantee that shoppers land in the right place when they click a Paid Search Ad. Vioby helps retailers guide customers to the products they’re looking for, making the process of online shopping simple, smooth, and fulfilling.

With Vioby, brand name retailers are building better, more successful customer relationships, helping shoppers achieve their goals and meet their needs.

Vioby helps online retails and their agencies in their continual effort to:

  • Maximizing paid search conversions;
  • Creating a more fulfilling shopping experience;
  • Avoiding unnecessary page bounces or exits that are the result of frustrated shoppers who do not see what they searched for on the landing page.

Vioby empowers retailers to build greater customer connection and loyalty, ensuring a long-lasting relationship with their shoppers, as well as increased ROI on their paid advertising campaigns.

What are you looking for from your marketing? What sort of relationships do you want to build with your customers?

Successful and long-lasting customer relationships are supported by targeted and individualized marketing, by accurate and evolving product suggestions. Automation using advanced technology is allowing retailers to remove friction from the shopping experience so that your shoppers find what they want quickly. And a better experience drives revenues.

Put Vioby's technology to work for you.

Click here to visit Vioby’s profile page and learn more!


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